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Understanding Naturally Mined And Lab-Grown Diamonds
Aug 6

With the internet abuzz with conflicting information about many things, the team at Karat Jewelry thought we’d take some time to weigh in with our expertise on the differenc... Read more

What to do With Inherited Jewelry- Keep it or Sell it?
Mar 6

One of the most commonly passed down possessions is jewelry. Whether is old engagement and wedding rings, special pairs of earrings and bracelets, or other a... Read more

Ten Things You Never Knew About Buying an Engagement Ring
Mar 6

When the time comes and you are ready to commit to marriage, the time now comes where you need to start looking for that special ring.

Read more
Benefits of Using Laser Engraving to Personalize Jewelry
Mar 6

The practice of making jewelry is as old as the first recorded presence of humans on the planet and the engraving of these items can be dated all the way bac... Read more

Upcycle Your Inherited Jewelry
Mar 2

If you have ever been the recipient of an heirloom jewelry inheritance that doesn’t fit your style or that you are just not that thrilled about, you ca... Read more

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