Ten Things You Never Knew About Buying an Engagement Ring

When the time comes and you are ready to commit to marriage, the time now comes where you need to start looking for that special ring. There is a lot that goes into buying an engagement ring but there is a lot that most people never even think about and are surprised by when they experience them for themselves. 

1. You'll pay close attention to everything she says about jewelry. 

When you have it in your mind that you are going to propose you will likely find that you pay more attention to wht your girl says when she talks about jewelry. You may not act interested but you will find yourself making mental notes and noticing what rings she looks at, the type of jewelry she wears, the metals she favors, and other details that can help you with buying an engagement ring.

2. Asking her father/parents for permission is awkward. 

If you are the traditional type this is an important part of the engagement process and it is awkward. Whether you have known the family and been a part of their daughter’s life for 5 years or 5 months it can be just as unnerving to ask for her hand in marriage. Even if you do not feel the need to ask for her hand, if you know her family is very traditional they will love you all the more for asking for their blessing.

3. You'll talk to you guys friends about how they did it.

No big decision should be made without some sort of trusted outside opinion or feedback and you will likely find yourself trying to get with your guy friends who are engaged or already married and ask them for tips and advice. Remember that every couple is different and every proposal experience is unique but the feedback and insight can be very helpful when buying an engagement ring.

4. You'll find yourself consulting with her friends as well.

Another valuable source of insight into what your girl would like is her girlfriends and those she hangs out with Chances are she has talked to them about engagement, the dream proposal, and her dream ring. See what they have to say and take their insight into account, but be careful of asking too many people. Make sure they can be trusted to keep a secret and make sure not everyone knows your plans. 

5. A compromise is ok and you don’t have to get the dream ring.

Yes you want her to love the ring and you want this to be the chance to show her how much she means to you so think about what she wants as far as size, cut, color and such. However, there is no need to put yourself into the poor house and be in debt for the next five years to get her the dream ring. Get what you can that is as much what she will love- true love is in effort and insight so do your best within your means. 

6. All diamonds will look the same but they are not.

When you look at your first ring or first set of loose diamonds to begin comparing, they are all going to look the same and you will likely be tempted to by one then and there and be done with all. Don't do it. Diamonds look the same to the untrained eye but the smallest difference can have a big effect on the final look. Trust the experts and shop around so you find the best ring at the best price with the best diamonds.

7. Learning the 4Cs is like studying for an exam.

Buying an engagement ring is stressful, even more so than buying a new car. The key to being successful is learning the 4Cs — that is the diamond's cut, carat, clarity, and color. These four things are what affects the look and appeal of all diamonds and if you shop without using them as a guide it is like buying a new car based on price alone with no test drive or research. So, take the time to study up before you shop.

8. Customizing is not as expensive or complicated as you think.

If you want you can skip all the pre-made rings and the worry about whether it has the right cut or size diamonds or is the right style or metal base and go with a fully customized ring. This is a popular option when it comes to buying an engagement ring that perfectly meets your requirements and it is not as complicated as you may think and it can actually be quite affordable as well.

9. Your budget is going to be tested and pushed.

No matter what your budget is, when you are buying an engagement ring, one thing will become clear- it can be expensive if you are not careful. Your budget is going to be tested and pushed to the max and ultimately only you can decide what is and is not doable and how far you can go past your starting budget. A little extra spent may be ok but make sure you don’t get in over your head with payments. 

10. You'll be exhausted when the time comes to actually propose.

With all the work you put into finding the perfect ring, whether it has taken you a month or a year, you are going to be tired and worn out by the time the ring is in your hand and you are ready to pop the question. But you still have one more thing to plan- the way you are going to ask her to marry you. It doesn’t have to be overly fancy or extravagant but it should be special and memorable for you both!

With this insight and a little heads up and some of the things you might not be expecting as you begin the process of buying an engagement ring, you are now better prepared to find the perfect stone and the perfect ring for your special someone!